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Maths Maths Maths

Here is some great reading and a few reflective questions about maths from the ministry's web site. Focussing on Maths

Sunday, 18 November 2012

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Free Downloadable Resorces

I found a great website that is teachers making resources for other teachers. There are thousands of free or cheap printable games books, worksheets and charts etc.. Most of the resources are from USA so just be aware of some differences. I suggest you use the filters and focus on the Pre Kindergarten age group You do have to log in but that is easy to do go to and check it out.
Summertime Math Work Stations FREE Beg. Number Concepts
Math Work Stations with a summertime flair! These stations are about Beginning Number Concepts numbers 1-9. Activity cards can be used to sort,...
Digital Download

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Times are a changing

I cant believe that I'm a blogger. Times are defiantly are a changing for us as adults and for our children. I got  a letter home to say that my sons Intermediate School has started up ICT BOYD (bring your own devices) The school can only support Apple devices at the moment so entry level is ipod touch, ipad or a mac book! At first I thought 
'What the heck my son needs an ipad and I don't even have one?'
But here at BJs we are exploring the use of technology for us as staff to make better use of our time - so the

'paper work' doesn't take over from the 'people work'. We are getting professional development to be able to make BJs a better service.So we ask ourselves... How do we educate the educators effectively and pass on our knowledge and skills so that the children can benefit?  This blog is one of those ways to use technology to our benefit. There is nothing wrong with the old way. People have just found better ways. They might not be easy to start with. But we too are life long learners. So here is a little clip that I found on You Tube. Remember this is happening in classes now. We need to think further into the future. We need to think how are we preparing our children for the real world.
If you have a three  or four year old now They will be graduating university in the year 2031/2032. What kind of world will that be like?

Maths, block play and learning in earlychildhood

This is an interesting interview about children learning mathematics in Early Childhood, well worth a listen! Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand interviews Maureen Woodhams about maths, block play and learning in early childhood

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thanks Karla - From a BJs parents Facebook page

Sitting in bed with cadie tonight having a story after being sooo bizy the past month at work i suddenly realised that she has ALL her numbers in order and also all her COLOURS are acrually what shes saying they are!! What a clever girl, thanks so much for all the time, love, and effort you put into and share with mine and dions children while we are away working. You truley are an awesome woman and we are so lucky and grateful for your time and work xx
Thanks Karla

On our way to Conference

On our way to conference we stopped off for a toilet break. Walking along the path we saw a pattern emerging. Patterns are one of the subgroups of Maths that we are focussing on. Patterns are all around us if you really look hard you can find them in everything. Think about music-drum beats, verse and chorus's. Think about traditional arts and crafts-patchworking, tapa cloth, tukutuku patterns, maori carvings, card making etc.... The list goes on ......dancing, games, weather. on and on. Next time you are out and about or even around your house on the look out for patterns in your environment - Share them with us and watch out for a wall display coming together on a playgroup wall near you! - like really near you-like your play group!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Strawberry farmers!

Recently at BJ's playgroup we decided that it would be great to have our own strawberry patch and so the children were so enthusiastic to help that they gathered around and waited for one of our educators to tell them how its all done. They watched and waited patiently till it was their turn and got a real good dig in.
The children also got to plant the plants in the soil. Then they watered all the plants.How awesome to be part of this real life experience and to contribute to the BJ's programme. Now we just have to wait for those yummy strawberries to appear! 

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Monday, 5 November 2012

A Great Maths Idea

One of the great ideas shared by Manu and Karen at the natural resources workshop. Another one was alphabet shells, you could also do number ones or dots on them - maybe make up some matching games

The importance of mathematics subject knowledge for the early childhood educator

Check out what it says on the Ministry of Education website about maths

Water and Maths in Action

Check out this great blogpost from Bream Bay Kindergarten.  Watch how they are incorporating math language into water play.